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Handy Buying Tips

Positively geared properties are when the rental return is higher than your interest repayments and outgoings. Negatively geared properties are when the rental return – the amount of rent you receive from your tenants – is less than your interest

Every expert said the Gold Coast will suffer a property crash after the Commonwealth Games and while theories on why and how are being bandied around the core logic beyond a crash is quite strange. I had friends who visited for

Buying an investment property will set you up on a path of financial success but it has to be done correctly. If you are looking for an area to invest then it is important you choose a location that people

One of the most important issues you will need to understand before you make the step of investing in property is understanding the risk. Understanding risk is very important but understanding how to mitigate risk is even more important. The safest

One thing that is a very important consideration anytime when purchasing an investment property is understanding the importance of rental yield vs area growth. While obviously both are very important the primary focus should be on long term continual compounding

When you are purchasing an investment property, an important cost to consider is body corporate fees. While it is clearly evident that body corporate fees have come down considerably on recent new projects, they are still something that need to

One of the most important things you have to do to be a successful property investor is be aware of the market and also the value of your property and have a plan on what you are trying to achieve

Some developers offer rental guarantees to an investor when they purchase a set property. Sometimes these guarantees are higher than the market yields but not always, many properties we work with have their rental appraisals done several years in the

While most experts tell you the perfect place to invest is close to a major city, 5km from the beach in an area close to shops, schools, transport, industry…in a growing area with population increases…blah blah blah. While all of these

Demand is pretty simply to understand, if there are more people than dwellings then demand is going to be extremely high. Conversely, if there are more properties being built than new people in the area then demand will be low. The

Some people say to put your money into land because they can’t make anymore of it. While this is partly true as they are reclaiming some land these days from dredging and what not, the overall theory behind it is

Capital growth is the increase in value of your property over time and should be considered alongside the property’s yield. Some Gold Coast areas have had periods that have seen many home owners with properties that have, in some cases, doubled in

Claiming depreciation will assist an investor’s cash-flow. Properties that generate income for their owner will make the owner eligible for significant taxation benefits. Of all the tax deductions available to property investors, depreciation is most often missed because it is a non-cash deduction – the investor does

Gearing is when you borrow money to make an investment, and it’s often talked about in regards to investment properties. There are three types of gearing depending on the income earned from your investment: positive, neutral and negative. Positively geared properties

If you are looking to sell your house in the future and want to know what might help when the property is valued, here are some helpful pointers. You can’t change your property’s location but you can change the house itself.

These days we are all time poor, however, it seems pretty clear that it is near impossible to get wealthy and really enjoy life from weekly wages. There never seems to be enough money left over to really enjoy. It

Everyday in every newspaper across Australia you will see articles about real estate and investing. Normally articles need to sensationalise the news to sell paper and attract readers so generally you need to see beyond that and look for the

Running the numbers before you purchase is hugely important. A property can look good visually but when we assess the feasibility, it may come up way short of a good investment. One key investment factor is rental yield, or the annual

Human nature is a funny thing, while we are all different funnily enough we can broadly brushstroke some traits with all of us. The most dangerous trait in real estate is greed. Greed kills deals, misses profits and creates risk and

While experts will tell you about trends and markets and blah blah..and don’t get me wrong in the perfect world these are key factors to influence your decision when to buy, for most of us the best time to purchase

While we specialise in investment property, we also try to clearly define there is a big difference between lifestyle and investment property. Our ultimate goal is to use profits from investment property to purchase your dream home to live in. Investment

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