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While most experts tell you the perfect place to invest is close to a major city, 5km from the beach in an area close to shops, schools, transport, industry…in a growing area with population increases…blah blah blah.

While all of these things are very important it is near impossible to get them all in one property and most of us don’t have a crystal ball to look into the future.

The Gold Coast has always been held in high investment regard due to the fact it is surrounded by magnificent sandy beaches to the east and lush green rainforest to the west and continues to population growth, in other words it is a place where both young and old dream of living.

New exciting areas like Varsity Lakes and Robina continue to attract new residents due to the fact that they cover many of the bases outlined above…schools, shops, transport, hospitals and so on and therefore the area prices continue to go up by demand, in other words people wanting to live there.

While location is important the location doesn’t have to be perfect to make it a great investment. I know many areas that people told me will never work that are now town hubs fetching massive financial returns for investors from capital growth due to increases in industry and population so when you purchase a property, location is a major factor but don’t let it be the only deciding factor.

In the good old days we lived where ever we wanted but mostly near lifestyle influences. With the changing of eras, these days we live close to our work, mainly because we spend more time working than doing anything else. The full weekend is now  a thing of the past with most people working Saturday mornings, at least, to cover increased living costs.

External drivers are key factors to determine desirability or demand for an area and more particularly a certain property. The 7 main external drivers are Education, Medical, Transport, Industry, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.

When assessing suitability of a property the key drivers are rated and added to the over assessment of the property and its long term investment potential.

The more drivers an area has the better the long term sustainable potential for growth an area will have. The more drivers basically means there will be more reason for people to live or want to live in an area thus driving up demand for property in that area.

Mining areas have suffered of late as they long term sustainability of an area is low when there are only 1 or 2 external drivers in an area.

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