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Property Assessment

When we look at a potential investment property we also use a comparative method to analyse and assess the properties investment potential and hopeful outcome. Often I hear potential buyers talk about 2 properties that are polar opposites and have no real cross over with regards to measurable outcomes.

When you decide on what type of strategy you want from your investment, it is important to analyse the property correctly.

Left is a sample of a property assessment that we would complete that fits into a short term low maintenance high yield strategy using a 10% deposit. You can see that we assess the main factors and that way we can see a clear outcome of the total cost and profits from every property.

You can see we complete the assessment all the way down to long term compounding growth and increasing yields as well as all tax benefits, holding costs as well as depreciation and demand.

We include the following in each property assessment:

  1. Property Details
  2. Development Details
  3. Area Report
  4. Features and Facilities
  5. Purchasing Costs and Deposit Required
  6. Finance Outline and Account Structures
  7. Holding Costs and Gearing
  8. Tax Deductions
  9. Capital Growth
  10. Long Term Forecasting
  11. Market Trends