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Suitable Properties

Just because a property is available or for sale does not mean that it is a suitable investment. Very few properties are suitable for serious investment and if every property continues just to increase in value nothing would ever be sold, no recessions would happen and the banks would never take back homes. The reality is most bad investments in property are not a death sentence, but they do take way longer to become profitable and mostly are sold because they are more trouble than they are worth.

A good investment property needs to have a vast range of features, external drivers, demand, potential and most of all income.  We look at hundreds of properties every month and overall only a few are kept on our books as suitable investment properties. We use a range of measures including property type, style, location, design, condition and age, number of properties in the area, rental yield, vacancy rates, external drivers, area growth, catchment areas, demographic (both socially and economically), town planning, infrastructure and most importantly population potential.

Our trained staff spend every day creating comparisons and assessments for each property we get our hands on, and we show our clients the head to head difference and most times the client can clearly identify the better long term option for their money.

We create a full assessment document that covers all areas of the property and its potential and this takes a long time but is well worth the effort and even the most seasoned investors use us to help them find their next investment property.

By buying the right property, equity will be created very quickly, rental demand and yield will increase quickly, deprecation will allow for wealth creation and debt reduction and over peace of mind will be created that the future is secure. That’s why we love property so much.