Every expert said the Gold Coast will suffer a property crash after the Commonwealth Games and while theories on why and how are being bandied around the core logic beyond a crash is quite strange.

I had friends who visited for the games contact me and ask to look at a couple of properties while they were here and I have also had clients enquiry about new investment property triggered by their recent visit.

I have seen that many of our new stadiums are already being booked for large local and international events in the coming future already, bringing huge amounts of visitors, and potential new locals or investors to the Coast so I am not sure why the Comm Games directly will cause a huge downturn in the market, in fact most experts I work with expect the opposite. They suggest increased demand will drive prices and supply can not keep up so it will be very interesting to watch.

There are only 2 ways to sell something, trigger previous enquiries with something new and exciting to re-engage interest or put the item in front of more eyes and obviously events that increase the number of visitors each year who visit the Gold Coast blankets the later strategy.