Like many things in life, often the first time we try something and it doesn’t work out we never get back on the horse so to speak and often there is no better example of this than investing in property. Clients often tell me they dabbled in investment property by buying an older fixer upper and that they never made money or they never really got the time to renovate to get maximum returns.

We encourage our clients to buy new property for many reasons but the the biggest reason is protection and risk reduction. New property protects investors by providing property in high demand in the best locations in growing areas and yesterdays prices.

If you are looking at investing then new property offers you the added protection of buying the property at the lowest price and making the most capital gain as you are not buying someone else’s equity or growth and therefore you are getting all the benefits. The main thing you must be aware of is the buying price or purchase price. Often buying a property in a great location means you are paying too much for the property compared to the potential rental return and long term growth.

New property also has the benefit over older property as, like most things in life, everyone enjoys new things against older things and the only real benefit of established property is that if it is bought correctly (which rarely happens) then it can be renovated to look new and modern and create great equity and profits.

New property also has potential tenants lining up to commence renting while the property is under construction so there is no down time in repayments against rental income where established property may not have that luxury.

We have a huge range of new property very suitable for safe investment that protects our buyers and we have a lot that we hide in the cupboard that doesn’t work. Give us a call on 1300 657 646 and we can walk you through the process.